A few kind words from my students...

Marie is so creative! Each and every practice is different in some way. She clearly loves what she does and has a wonderful ability to meet those she is teaching where they are while also encouraging them to grow!


What is so impressive about this class is you don't want to leave when it is finished.  Other pluses:  My posture is better, I breathe better, my chest expansion has improved, and I am calmer.


Marie has a special ability to plan each Yoga class to fit the participants and to push just enough to make everybody feel great afterwards. We always could expect to be challenged and at the same time enjoy a perfect flow from one pose to the next. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and yogi, giving us inspiration and wonderful tools to work with in our daily lives.

David W.

Marie's gentle spirit shows as she guides us in our exercises.  She has great knowledge and is able to transfer that knowledge to us in an effortless way.


I always come out of Marie's class feeling refreshed, restored, and energized.  She does an excellent job of not only teaching the physical poses, but also the philosophy behind them, so that you understand the full benefit of your practice!


Marie's classes are interesting and the most relaxing part of the week. It is a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. I feel I’ve learned some great techniques to use in stressful situations. She gives great, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the moves.

Kathleen W.

Marie is very encouraging and makes the class fun and interesting for us.  She comes to class well prepared so that a few new things are added each week.  She shows genuine interest in our health and wellbeing and always goes the extra mile to try to be helpful. 


This is a very soothing, peaceful, and relaxing class.  It is my therapy! 

C. D.

With Marie’s guidance I have achieved more flexibility, joint mobility and balance. She has a very relaxing way of leading you through various postures.

Bill D.