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I take Qigong and Chair Yoga classes from Marie at her home studio and various other locations where she teaches. Marie is an excellent and very patient instructor. Qigong has helped me tremendously with my balance and focus. This is a great class for everyone especially someone with a movement disorder. I highly recommend Marie and her classes. You won't be disappointed.

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Marie is so creative! Each and every practice is different in some way. She clearly loves what she does and has a wonderful ability to meet those she is teaching where they are while also encouraging them to grow!

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I would like to take a moment indicate the happiness I feel when I attend my Yoga class which is facilitated by Marie. I am very new to yoga. I have been going for almost 6 months now, and I enjoy Marie as our instructor.  She makes you feel comfortable, and she's very patient and kind, and her voice is very soothing. She always tries to bring something to the table, whether it's a quote or a description of why we do a certain pose and what healing properties it may have. Yoga and Marie are something that I look forward to each week.

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Marie’s classes are always beneficial to all.  The fusion of mind, body, and spirit through breathing and physical postures fills all your needs for a complete exercise for the entire body.

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What is so impressive about this class is you don't want to leave when it is finished.  Other pluses:  My posture is better, I breathe better, my chest expansion has improved, and I am calmer.

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I have been taking Yoga instructions from Marie for over two years now.  I would consider her the ideal Yoga instructor and Guru.  She is wonderfully qualified, easy to follow, and very compassionate.

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I always come out of Marie's class feeling refreshed, restored, and energized.  She does an excellent job of not only teaching the physical poses, but also the philosophy behind them, so that you understand the full benefit of your practice!

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Qigong has had so many amazing benefits for my body, mind, and spirit. The gentle movements are simple and coordinated with the breath. Class with Marie is MY time for myself. It increases my sense of wellbeing and has improved my overall health. Marie is an amazing instructor, everyone should make the time to take her class!

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I love Qigong, and I love Marie. She is beautiful inside & out. This is the best exercise ever; best part it doesn't feel like exercise but more like a spa experience. It's about relaxation, de-stressing, breathing, balance; and also being energized. This form of exercise has changed my health and life for the better. Marie provides diversity with each season and keeps it interesting. Give it a try you won't want to stop.

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Marie's gentle spirit shows as she guides us in our exercises.  She has great knowledge and is able to transfer that knowledge to us in an effortless way.

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Marie is very encouraging and makes the class fun and interesting for us.  She comes to class well prepared so that a few new things are added each week.  She shows genuine interest in our health and wellbeing and always goes the extra mile to try to be helpful. 

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I am grateful to the Lord for this class!  I work in MRI, and I lift heavy patients onto a narrow scan table every day.  Sometimes I have to do this by myself in the evening when my coworker goes home, and it can take a heavy toll on my back!  This yoga class has kept my whole body limber, and it has also helped keep me calm and peaceful as I approach my workday!  Marie is a gifted yoga instructor! Her Friday class is always full, and for good reason!

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Marie's chair yoga class is a wonderful way to exercise body and mind.  She explains & demonstrates poses before we practice them and exhibits a soothing, calm demeanor.  Her stretch class is a gentle but effective exercise of all the muscles.  Marie is very encouraging while respecting our individual abilities.

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Marie’s Qigong class became a treasured respite early in my practice and after many years, is an enduring quality for my life.

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This is a very soothing, peaceful, and relaxing class.  It is my therapy! 

C. D.


"Marie has an enjoyable personality and her class always has a good balance of relaxing stretches and core work that suits me well."

— Jim W.

"With Marie’s guidance I have achieved more flexibility, joint mobility and balance. She has a very relaxing way of leading you through various postures."


"Marie’s class is very relaxing and thorough. She accounts for individuals’ needs and injuries. I leave her class feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated in mind and body."


"I enjoy this class because it gives me a chance to interact and socialize with new people. It also helps to improve and maintain my flexibility and mental clarity. It is an opportunity to keep moving as I grow older."


"I have been taking Chair Yoga classes from Marie for about two years. Marie is an extremely knowledgeable instructor, and I have always enjoyed the different forms of exercise she teaches.  This class is an excellent form of gentle exercise for anyone."


"I enjoy both of Marie's classes.  I especially enjoy Chair Yoga on Wednesdays.  It helps with breathing and certainly relaxes your body.   We do not want to get up out of our chairs when class is over, that is how relaxed we are!   Marie is a great instructor."


"Marie believes in what and why she teaches Yoga. She handles everyone well.
She is a delightful, caring teacher."

— C.H.

"I recently started taking yoga classes, and out of the four different instructors I have had, Marie is my favorite.  She has a sweet calming voice, and she always changes up the class.  I definitely recommend her Yoga Flow class for anyone.  Namaste."



"Taking classes with Marie is very relaxing.  It also helps with the many aches and pains I have.  It is a time to renew myself."





"I so enjoy Yoga class with Marie. It is both challenging and relaxing and the perfect ending to a busy day."


"Marie has a very soothing nature. She does a great job of talking you through the poses."


"Marie is creative and makes each Yoga class different and fun. I love the variations and Marie’s calm voice."


"I enjoy Marie’s Yoga classes very much. They are very relaxing, yet they work to strengthen your muscles. Marie is a great instructor."


"Marie's classes are interesting and the most relaxing part of the week. It is a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. I feel I’ve learned some great techniques to use in stressful situations. She gives great, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the moves."


"This class has done wonders for me, both physically and emotionally!  I wish the class was offered every day of the week!"

—E. M.

"I can't say enough great things about Marie or her classes.  She has a gentle and kind spirit and brings this to each of her unique classes.  She gives excellent instruction and advice which helps us to make the most of our Yoga practice.  She is mindful and considerate to those who may have physical limitations or those who should be encouraged to push themselves a little more.  Her meditations are thoughtful, and she comes to each class prepared ahead of time.  Marie has helped me to achieve some health goals to strengthen and stretch my body.  I am feeling so much better since taking her class."

-Jennifer Keaney

"Marie has infinite patience with me as a newcomer to Yoga.  She makes the class relaxing as well as energizing."


“Marie has a special ability to plan each Yoga class to fit the participants and to push just enough to make everybody feel great afterwards. We always could expect to be challenged and at the same time enjoy a perfect flow from one pose to the next. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and yogi, giving us inspiration and wonderful tools to work with in our daily lives.”

-David W.

"Mind calming, energy focusing and an elixir in today's busy world, Marie is dedicated to each student's ability to get the most out of their Qigong class! Thanks, Marie!"


"To make it short and sweet, I think of the quote, Are you glad you did, or do you wish you had? I am always glad I did, attend Chair Yoga Qigong class."